Tree Care Tips

Tree Care Tips

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 Tips for Tree Care

Ed and our team at Arbor Day Tree Care know the ins and outs of tree service. We have a keen understanding of tree anatomy and soil science, and we know how to prevent and manage a range of tree problems before they become a threat.

There are many preventative steps that you can take as well to help maintain the health and beauty of your commercial or residential trees.

Invasive species can send roots to sewer or water lines, resulting in costly plumber bills. Work to clear the roots may leave the tree structurally unsound. Call us for preventive measures to avoid root damage to sidewalks or structures and prevent damage to pools or decks from nearby trees.

Enhance Your Tree’s Health—Remove Diseased Material

Lingering wet conditions allow fungus and bacteria to get a good foothold and thrive. It’s important to remove the affected branch to promote the overall health of your tree. Leaving the damage on your tree allows the spores and bacteria to spread, and this could kill the tree and spread to other trees on your property as well.

With the mild winters, tree fungus and bacteria can never be completely killed off by low temperatures. It’s imperative that if you think your tree is disease ridden, you contact an experienced arborist as soon as possible.

From simple maintenance needs to more extensive tasks, trees require maintenance and attention in order for them to look healthy and beautiful. No matter how big or how small your tree service needs are, our experts at Arbor Day Tree Care are here to help!
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