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Tree Pruning

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Novato, San Rafael, Sonoma County & Marin County, CA

Recently, you’ve noticed that some of your tree branches are growing out of control. Though climbing up the ladder to handle the job yourself seems like an easy task, once you get up there it’s a completely different story. Instead of trying to do it yourself, contact our professional arborists at Arbor Day Tree Care.

We offer top-quality tree trimming & pruning services for a low price

Regular shrub and tree trimming helps to ensure safety, promotes plant health, and enhances the beauty of your property. Improper pruning can weaken the branch structure and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert energy from those areas of the tree that need it most.

Don’t leave tree trimming in the hands of an inexperienced crew. It’s important that you choose qualified arborists to assist you with your tree pruning needs.

At Arbor Day Tree Care, we have a thorough understanding of a range of tree species and great knowledge of the best practices for pruning. We’re also equipped with the most advanced equipment to prune your trees and shrubs. We adhere to the latest guidelines in order to produce the best possible outcome for every client whom we serve.

Upon completion of your pruning service, your landscape will be beautiful, safe, and healthy! If your trees or shrubs could use some professional attention, contact our pros at Arbor Day Tree Care. We’ll be happy to offer you an estimate for the job. 

Crown Reduction

Occasionally, crown reduction, also known as view pruning, is necessary. This service includes removing whole tops of trees or large branches. The end result is a tree with stubs or lateral branches. View pruning is often conducted to improve safety and aesthetics or to stimulate new growth.

This task can be very dangerous and should always be completed by experienced and professional arborists. If you are in need of crown reduction services, rest assured that our crew at Arbor Day Tree Care has you covered. Before we begin view pruning, we can visit your property to ensure that this is the route you’d like to take for your tree. As always, our services are affordably priced, and our team will complete the job to your total satisfaction.

To learn more about our view pruning service and to schedule a consultation, give us a call today at 415-450-6578. At Arbor Day Tree Care, we are committed to exceeding your expectations!

Tree Pruning FAQs

Why should I have my trees pruned?
•  A properly pruned tree is a healthy tree. Our expert arborists know how to trim your trees of dead and excess branches, so the              healthy limps and branches can thrive.

What should I do if my tree's branches are close to power lines?
Untrimmed tree branches can pose a serious threat to power lines and the safety of nearby residents. If you think your tree's branches are too close to nearby power lines or see the tree limbs rubbing against power lines, please call our expert team. We will send a team out as soon as possible, to trim your trees and ensure that your family and home are safe.

A healthy tree is the result of a expert pruning and care by a well trained and efficient crew! 
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