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What are our clients saying about our work?

"We finally found the perfect tree service. We have a big diverse lot of land, oaks, bays, a redwood grove and more ... over 100 trees; we have had the big services, as well as solo tree guys, never getting the full package. Arbor Day came, delivered more than we asked, for a very fair rate. Ed is our guy, honest, quick, hard working and very knowledgeable."

"Ed and his crew were very professional and knowledgeable. Ed is a storehouse of information and really helped to decide what to trim and cut on all the trees on our property. He priced his services very reasonably, and we felt we got a great deal considering the work involved. We had an oak tree with sudden death disease that he advised me on, along with many other trees that needed work and I was glad we had it all done. The property looks so much better! I would definitely recommend them!"

"Called Arbor Day Tree Care about a sapping tree in our yard. Ed came by and took a look, gave us some great advice and referred us to a pest control company. Definitely will call Arbor Day again."

"We have 1.5 acres of trees. I hired Ed and his crew to prune a grove of redwoods and improve the safety of a giant sequoia that looms over our roof. I am very happy with the results. The trees look beautiful and healthy, with just enough taken off, not the least bit bare but no scary branches or deadwood. The crew was on time and courteous. They did a great job cleaning up. I've worked with several other tree companies. I was never unhappy but there was always work left undone (often because of their exorbitant prices). I never had someone do any extras like Arbor Day did for us. I really felt like I got my money’s worth. I finally have an arborist on our team who I can trust, who will follow through with fair prices and good work."

"I had a 90-year-old palm tree that was 50 feet tall and dying. It was located near a very busy street and three homes. I called several arborists/tree cutters- two who did not even want to deal with the tree. I got one bid and then called Ed, the owner of Arbor Day Tree Care. He came the next morning and gave a very competitive bid. His crew was amazing. They cleaned up meticulously every day as mentioned by my tenants and did an extraordinary job under difficult circumstances. I cannot recommend them enough. I see they had one negative review, and though reviews are great, the negative ones seem to carry the most weight. This was absolutely not my experience and Ed and his crew are wonderful."
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